Integrated Management System

MEGA employs an integrated management system for quality, environmental and health & safety management in order to provide solutions that are high quality, in accordance with applicable codes, standards, laws, rules and regulations, sustainable and environment friendly, and that promote health and safety in the workplace.



Quality Management System


MEGA understands clients’ needs and manages their expectations well. It clearly identifies clients’ requirements, documents these in contracts/agreements and implements effective and proactive processes and control mechanisms to consistently meet client requirements, project requirements and regulatory requirements. MEGA continuously improves its processes and procedures to enhance customer satisfaction and work/service quality.






Environmental Management System


MEGA is conscious about environment, sustainable development and social responsibility. It believes that the best solutions are the ones that efficiently use today’s natural resources while meeting today’s needs without overconsuming resources needed for the future generations.



Health and Safety Management System

MEGA shares the Zero Accident Vision that proposes all accidents are preventable. It believes that physical and mental well-being of employees are fundamental for increasing efficiency and meeting strategic goals, promotes health and safety awareness, and ensures implementation of health and safety policies.